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A Global Effort to Improve Patient Care

Our vision is that clinical laboratory test results will be comparable independent of the medical laboratory that produced the results.

Our mission is to provide a centralized process to organize global efforts to achieve harmonization of clinical laboratory test results.

IFCC Harmonization

International Consortium for Harmonization of Clinical Laboratory Results - Current Status and Future Promise

Greg Miller, Ph.D.
Chair, ICHCLR Harmonization Oversight Group
Professor of Pathology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Our specific objectives are:

  • to improve the harmonization of results from routine measurement procedures for measurands (analytes) that do not have reference measurement procedures,
  • to provide a resource center for information on global activities to harmonize and standardize clinical laboratory measurement procedures.

The governing body is a Council made up of organizations from around the world that contribute financially to support the administration of the program. A Harmonization Oversight Group (HOG) is responsible to manage the harmonization activities. Interested stakeholders may become members of the Strategic Partners Group who submit measurands for harmonization, review and comment on harmonization projects, and nominate experts to serve on the HOG. The AACC is the secretariat for administration of the program.

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